New Equipment Alert: FLEX® Digital Attitude Indicator

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has done it again, creating a 3-Pack Standby Instrumentation package using its revolutionary FLEX fully customizable digital instrument line.

The Flex 3-Pack includes an attitude indicator, counter-drum encoding altimeter, and airspeed indicator, also available in NVIS-compatible versions.

Installation approval is available under AML Supplemental Type Certificate that covers more than 180 aircraft models. Installation is simplified as Flex instruments fit in the existing two-inch panel hole.


  1. The Flex attitude indicator provides attitude information without GPS, magnetometer, or airspeed input and displays attitude, slip, turn rate, and heading.
  2. Features included in the Flex altimeters are user-selectable altitude target, approach minimums alerts, vertical speed, 6-second vertical trend, and barometer setting.
  3. Buyers can select the range markings on the Flex airspeed indicator, and a dynamic Vmo and Mmo barber pole indicator are configurable. Other features include ground speed and true airspeed provided by external ARINC bus input and user-selectable Mach number display.All the Flex® Instruments are available individually or in the 3-Pack. All feature daylight-readable graphics. All are FAA TSO certified, RTCA DO-160G qualified, and RTCA DO-178C qualified to Design Assurance Level A.

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For more info about these awesome features and the installation process, visit or contact CE Avionics Sales for aircraft availability and more information.