CE Avionics is pleased to announce the expansion of its mobile complex avionics services into Southeast Florida.

Sanford, FL (Nov. 15, 2021) – CE Avionics’ new geographic service footprint opens a wide range of important avionics repairs and installations beyond the certifications and limited repair capabilities offered by Altitude Certification. More single aircraft owners and fleet operators of turbine and jet aircraft in Southeast Florida can easily access avionics support, flightline repair, installation and full bench repair on corporate and general aviation aircraft.

Central Florida has been home to CE Avionics for nearly 50 years as the company has grown its exemplary avionics repair and installation services. The evolution of the enterprise includes steadily widening the variety and complexity of services along with expanding its mobile territory in the state of Florida. The acquisition of Altitude Certification increases the company’s service area on the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville all the way down to the Miami-Opa Loca Executive Airport.

CE Avionics was co-founded by Loren and Susan Friedle. As a family-owned company, they built the foundation based upon several core values that included uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. Those values guided the leadership philosophy and enabled the company to grow and become a leader in the avionics industry. Those same core values remain central tenets by which today’s second-generation company leadership pilots the ship.

Karen Friedle McKinnon, President & Treasurer of CE Avionics and Christopher M. Friedle, Vice President – Maintenance have both maintained their parents’ core values as they continue their vision for the company into the future. Vice President – Installation, Michael E. Hughes along with the team round out the kind of experience and executive governance needed to keep CE Avionics at the forefront of the industry.

CE Avionics believes it is important to give back to the aviation industry to help maintain the highest standards and best practices within avionics. Karen McKinnon is currently serving on the Strategic Planning Committee for the Aircraft Electronics Association (aea.net). This is a temporary committee formed for the single purpose of creating the association’s 3-5 year strategic plan.  Karen was on the organizing board for the Central Florida Business Aviation Association (CFBAA.org) in 2019 and transitioned to a board member once the association was legally formed. She was just reelected for a second 2-year term in August 2021.

The highly trained CE Avionics service team stays on the leading-edge of avionics technology and provides IFR and RVSM certifications. They specialize in a wide variety of equipment repairs, including equipment that other companies do not service. They have developed the expertise and resources to satisfy any customer need for avionics repair and the most complex avionics installation. The company’s experience ranges from complete avionics/autopilot retrofit in turbine and jet aircraft to custom design and installation of state-of-the-art entertainment systems. The list of manufacturers and vendors with whom they work is extensive.

Karen Friedle McKinnon

President & Treasurer