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New Garmin GTN Series

High Speed Internet

Avidyne EX600 MFD


Wireless Jet Jukebox with Moving Map

You can have us install a wireless router or you can use an existing WiFi network to permit up to 8 users simultaneously control and watch movies, listen to music, view photos or monitor the filght progress on the moving maps.

Turn Travel Time into Productive Time

Share Powerpoint presentations with your team over the WiFi network for presentation briefings. Each person can follow along on their on personal wireless device or laptop. You can also use the JetJukebox as a file server to distribute any file wirelessly.

Call CE Avionics for more info on the Jet Jukebox

CE Avionics, Inc. - 2789 Flightline Avenue - Orlando Sanford International Airport - Sanford, FL - 32773
Phone - 407.323.0200 / Fax - 407.321.3804
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